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Tools for Healthy Living and Weight Loss Success Program


Inside this program, you’ll find all the tools to help you successfully lose or manage weight, while following a diet plan eating your own food or purchasing optional Nutritional Food Products/meal replacements.  If you purchase the optional Nutritional Food Products/meal replacements, follow all plan guidelines, and implement all information learned from the coaching sessions, you are GUARANTEED to lose up to 2-5 pounds a week, on average, or your money back, if you cancel during the first 12 weeks!

In the Getting Started phase, you will be provided copies of the men’s or women’s meal plans, answers to some common questions, and even a shopping guide and food diary.  In addition, I’ll provide you with some general weight loss information, and motivational tips, tools, and lessons to help you manage and embrace your new healthy lifestyle.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with for any additional questions or support.

Bonus materials may include a journal, water bottle, digital timer to time your exercise, and many more gifts!

This is a three-part series:

Part I: 12 weeks: “Food For Thought and Body Basics: A Guide to Nutrition Education and Exercise

  • Week 1 – Healthy Eating/Exercise: Why & How
  • Week 2 – The Nutrition Facts/Goal Setting
  • Week 3 – Nutrition Label Claims/Smart Exercise
  • Week 4 – Vitamins & Minerals/Exercise Basics
  • Week 5 – Meat, Fish, Poultry, etc./Exercise Do’s & Don’ts
  • Week 6 – Breads, Rice, Pasta, etc./Rainy Day Exercise
  • Week 7 – Milk Products/Beginning Strength Training
  • Week 8 – Fruits & Vegetables/Sit Down Workouts
  • Week 9 – Fats & Oils/Fun Walk Workouts
  • Week 10 – Fiber Facts/Dancing the Night Away
  • Week 11 – Water, Water Everywhere/Home or Club Workouts
  • Week 12 – Dining Out/Sports and Recreation


If you purchase the 12-session package in full, the cost is $720 dollars made payable in two installments of $360!

Part II: 12 weeks: “Life Steps: A Guide to Behavior Education”

  • Week 13 – The Process of Change/More About Change
  • Week 14 – Self Directed Change/Problem Solving
  • Week 15 – Changes That Last – Part I/Changes That Last – Part II
  • Week 16 – Food Cravings/Personal Responsibility
  • Week 17 – Controlling Your Appetite/Changing Eating Behaviors
  • Week 18 – Causes of Stress/Reacting to Stress
  • Week 19 – Coping With Stress/Self Talk
  • Week 20 – Self Affirmations/ Dealing With Your Emotions
  • Week 21 – Recognizing Saboteurs/Building as a Support System
  • Week 22 – Visual Cues/Situational Cues
  • Week 23 – Improving Your Self Esteem/Improving Your Body Image
  • Week 24 – The Relapse Process/Your Relapse Reminder Card


If you purchase the 12-session package in full, the cost is $720 dollars made payable in two installments of $360!

Part III: 6 weeks: “Maintenance: A Guide to Long-Term Weight Management”

  • Week 25 – Congratulations – You’ve Made It!
  • Week 26 – Developing the New You
  • Week 27 – It’s Time for You!
  • Week 28 – Successful Socializing
  • Week 29 – Charting Your Course
  • Week 30 – A Plan for Continued Success


If you purchase the six-session program in full, the price is $360, made payable in two installments of $180!

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