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Release Yourself From the Pain and Fatigue VIP Program


It takes some serious level of commitment to get control of your life again but it can be done with the help of an experienced and caring life coach. I have created a comprehensive program that integrates professional care to determine and optimize underlying causes, while incorporating lifestyle management skills in a very holistic manner.

A number of optional blood tests are available to assist you and me in determining your current status. Together,  will decide which options are most appropriate based on your history, current sense of well being, and your goals. As you have struggled to control your condition and moved from one physician to another, a number of tests may already have been completed. Blood and urine are fairly common ways for holistic life coaches to to gain insight and to assess your condition.  Some of those tests may have included basic metabolic profile and complete urinalysis.  Both tests offer insight into your body’s current status regarding key electrolytes (potassium, calcium, sodium, etc.) and protein levels.

More extensive blood testing is available such as thyroid and many other hormone levels, total cholesterol, electrolytes, serum albumin, liver profile, complete blood count, iron levels, and more.  A partnership with Optimum Health Options, Direct Labs, and Quest Diagnostics makes it possible to take advantage of nutritional screening at a fraction of the cost other blood labs charge.

Bonus materials may include a journal, breathing exercises CD, meditation CD, relaxation music CD, water bottle, digital timer to time your exercise, and many more gifts!

This is a 12-week program:

  • Week 1 – Getting Started
  • Week 2 – Nutrition
  • Week 3 – Your First 60 Minutes of Each Day
  • Week 4 – Lifestyle Management: Work and Play
  • Week 5 – Stress: Balance and Reduction
  • Week 6 – Building an Effective Conditioning Program
  • Week 7 – Integrating Alternative Therapies
  • Week 8 – Ending Your Day on a Positive Note
  • Week 9 – Traveling With Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue
  • Week 10 – Traditional Interventions
  • Week 11 – What Relatives and Friends Need to Know
  • Week 12 – Where Do I Go From Here?


If you purchase the 12-session package in full, the cost is $720 dollars made payable in two installments of $360!

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