Although New Year’s is the more traditional time to reassess goals or set new ones, I think I think the transition from summer to fall is the more natural one. Maybe that’s because of the sometimes rude awakening to the heavily scheduled routine that kicks in when the kids head back to school.

As the daylight hours get both shorter and busier this year, my goal is to get an earlier dinner on the table and go for a family walk at least a few nights a week.  The change in the season also provides a good reason to adjust my fitness routine.

It turns out switching things up a bit can do more than just keep this interesting – it can also prevent injury.  Vary both workouts and strength training.

Switching jobs and getting married have helped people live a healthier lifestyle.  Whether it’s a life change or just a change in season that motivates you, take some time to reevaluate, especially when it comes to your health.