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56 Days to Optimum Health VIP Program


You’ll have the resource of a holistic life coach, an advocate for changing your life, and a 56-Day Program for improving health and and gaining access to the power of spontaneous healing in your body.  I will guide you through this program, step by step, explaining the changes I will ask you to make in how you eat, how you exercise, how you breathe, and how you use your mind.  I will recommend vitamins, minerals, and herbs you can use to protect the body’s healing system, and I will give you ideas about how you can change long-standing patterns of behavior that impair optimum health.

Maybe you are viewing this Web site because you want to have more energy.  Maybe you want to lose some weight.  Maybe you worry about getting older and developing diseases that disabled your parents.  Perhaps you travel frequently and and find it hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle on the road.  Or perhaps you have a chronic illness, minor or major, and want to be less dependable on pharmaceutical drugs.  Regardless of the specific nature of your need or concern, the information I have assembled in this program will help you draw on your body’s own resources for natural healing.

The 56-Day Program consists of small steps that build on each other until, by the time you complete it, you have laid the foundation for healthy living.  You can then decide how much of the program you you want to maintain on a permanent basis.  I assume that you want to make changes in your life – otherwise you wouldn’t be on this Web site.  I see my job as pointing you in the right direction.  I have no doubt that you can change, because I know from my own experience that people can do so if they really want to.

Bonus materials may include a digital timer to time your exercise, a breathing exercises CD, a meditation CD, and many more gifts!

This is an 56-day program.  Each week will consist of the following parts.

  • A project
  • Diet
  • Supplements
  • Exercise
  • Mental/spiritual
  • Optional components


If you purchase the eight-session program in full, the cost is $480, made payable in two installments of $240!


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