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Healthy Holiday Season


Before my Certified Holistic Life Coaching training, I had a love-hate relationship with the Holiday Season.
Sure, all the celebration, wine, and dine were great fun. But I also dreaded the aftermath…  Feeling tired, sluggish, and not liking what I saw on the scale.

Navigating the confusing information on food and nutrition was overwhelming. I wished someone would just hand me a few solid pointers and actionable steps I could implement.

That’s what most people feel about the Holiday Season… They want to enjoy every minute with friends and family, yet something is nagging at the back of their mind. They don’t like how they feel after the “fun.”

Not only physically, but there’s always a hint of guilt…  And it took some of the fun out of the festivities.

We even say “surviving” the Holiday Season…

Yet we all want to THRIVE.

What if we can turn the challenge of staying healthy during this time of the year into an opportunity to boost our awareness and learn some good habits that will benefit our health and wellness way past the “New Year Resolution” craze?

Contact me.  I know how to help you!

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